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We are at the forefront of social media, pushing creative boundaries & testing algorithms to deliver tangible results for our clients.

Digital Marketing Agency

Founded in 2010, we have tried, defined and refined our approach to social advertising, and marketing media strategies, and have built a unique framework which is tailored to your brand to drive positive and meaningful results. Using consumer insights and cutting-edge social media trends, we work with you to establish business goals, target audience groups and trackable, powerful measures for success. Our team consists of highly-skilled, innovative game-changers who work across world-class consumer brands in a variety of industries, bringing strategy and implementation to local markets to make a significant impact. If your brand has a challenge, we have an opportunity.

Social Media Strategy &

Our unique 7-step process is an integrated approach designed to achieve optimal success through social media and online marketing in Kildare;

In the first step, we evaluate your brand and how it currently operates in the digital and social spheres. From this evaluation, we work with you to develop your social media strategy, including goals for brand & business success, target audience groups, messaging and desired actions, and opportunities to create higher impact through campaigns & influencer outreach.

We develop your content and messaging, start to finish. We have a full internal production team of photographers, videographers, designers, copywriters and influencers who bring your strategy to life through creative & standout content. This is where we generate, ideate and create more magic to share with brands and consumers alike.

We ensure your brand is active on the social & digital channels that reflect the usage patterns of your target audience, brand offering, and desired action. We track global trends, platform growth and digital developments on an ongoing basis and understand nuances behind platforms that ensure we are activating most effectively to reach your target consumer.

We fully manage your social media implementation, including all posting & engagement. Nearly half of brands on social media don’t respond to community comments & messages. Our community management team fully takes over managing your online communities, answering questions & building two-way conversations with fans. We work with you to develop an FAQ, escalation plan & strong tone of voice direction and manage the process fully to give your brand an authentic voice on social.

In addition to ongoing social media, we develop integrated campaigns including influencer partnerships, ATL (and BTL) amplification, PR drivers and event coverage to bring all activity together across digital. We brainstorm, create, plan & activate campaigns from start to finish working toward your overall brand strategy & business goals.

We place high importance on tracking results and delivering you powerful analytics. We will be the first to tell you if there is something we could be doing differently or better. We track results weekly, report learnings monthly & firmly believe in strategy sessions each quarter to ensure we are aligned in our business objectives and moving forward in our social strategy. We act as a full extension of your team and ensure you have all of the data you need to make your job easier.

Digital Brand Strategy

We work closely with you to understand the unique elements that make your brand different from any other in the market. We use this to develop a clear brand identity that is unified across all communication points, both digital and in real-life. An understanding of unique tone of voice, point of sale, target demographics and user journey provide the basis for advertising and content strategy and pave the path of communication between brand and consumer to create meaningful conversations.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the bread and butter of the social sphere, and opportunities for standout content are always evolving. We specialise in creating targeted and highly engaging posts that are designed in direct response to consumption patterns. We push our creativity to deliver ideas and executions that bring your brand to life and utilise all the opportunities we have to stand out.

Social Media Advertising

A strong paid strategy is essential for delivering results on any social media or digital campaign. CJE Agency is an official Facebook preferred partner and we will help you gain real business results from your advertising spend. We work across all key areas of advertising, and can bring to life from strategy through to implementation, tracking and analysing, a paid strategy that aligns with your business goals. Whether this is driving traffic in store, online sales, or growing brand awareness, we will get you there & ensure you see positive ROI from your spend.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an integrated channel within social marketing. As influencer partners, we ensure your brand is building solid & effective relationships with the right influencers. Whether you are looking to build a tribe of micro influencers and brand ambassadors, or partner with several high profile influencers, we can help find the right influencers, deliver strong results and facilitate positive relationships. Our influencer marketing services include influencer relationship building, content management, relationship management, influencer event production and more.

Photography & Videography

Our photographers and videographers work within our Creative Hub Studio to produce all content in-house. From product-set shoots in our studio to lifestyle campaigns on-location and integrated event photography, the work developed by our experienced team of creative professionals is engaging and crafted specifically for social with consumer behaviour in mind.

Analysis & Consulting

Analytics and insights are vital in understanding success and opportunities for developing your strategy further. We monitor results, track against KPI’s ongoing and share all data with our clients weekly, monthly and quarterly.

We also offer consulting services to assist with internal analytics and social media implementation.

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